Portrait of Thibault Dapoigny

“My art as a therapy like a fantasy of the life I want“

Thibaut Dapoigny: a nonconformist artist in search of a
liberated life.
Born in 1986, in Samois-sur-Seine, Thibaut grew up in the heart of the
tranquility of his village in Seine-et-Marne, nourished by a light
through the trees, birdsong and the Seine flowing
gently like time...

Thibaut has evolved through daily contact with works by many
painters, including Gilles Capton, his mentor.
Eager for an exalted life, Thibaut left France in 2009 to
crunch the “Big Apple”, New York, temple of excess,
originality, excess and unbridled creativity...

A colorful and moving decade, like
his art, which will deeply mark the man and the artist.

It's his return to France, in 2018, closer to his source
of original inspiration, the Seine, which will seal his artistic universe.

Instinct at the service of his art, passion for mistress, Thibaut
cultivates a game of dominance with his works “When I am
in my studio, I'm the boss, but it's the paintings that
dominate: color, the subject comes to life and the magic happens. »

His creations are real visual explosions, a journey
vibrant, an invitation to visual enjoyment, a colorful intimacy.

“For me, art is a visual and emotional experience.
He is neither intellectual nor complicated.
He saw himself in the moment, passionately. (Thibaut Dapoigny).