Portrait of AM Mouron, known as CASSANDRE


Without knowing it, I met my first "Cassandra" poster
when I was a child, when my father spoke to me about the work of
his maternal grandfather, boss in the 1930s of the printing
Poyet Freres in Paris.
They were the printers of the first "Nicolas" posters and this is the
famous "Nectar" character, created by Dransy in 1922, only 100 years old
later everyone still finds in the communications of the famous
liquor sign.
Without really understanding it, this poster struck me with its graphics
mesmerizing. She had left an imprint on me, no doubt the seed
of my love of the image.
Having done my job indirectly, I found Cassandre well
years later, in Marrakech, installing a reproduction of the
famous YSL monogram (Yves Saint Laurent) on the front of the museum
dedicated to the great couturier.
So, once I have become a printer myself, what could be more natural than
to find this "childhood friend".
It is Roland Mouron, grandson of AM CASSANDRE, who is today
the rigorous guardian of his grandfather's work.
It is thanks to and because of the Air France posters that we
met. I, on this occasion, rediscovered the fabulous work of Adolphe
Mouron and the character as talented as he was enigmatic.
I believe he fully revealed himself through two of his quotes

“I have all my life been solicited by two innate dispositions: a need
of formal perfection which imposed on me the work of a craftsman conscious of
its duties as its limits, and an ardent thirst for desirous lyricism
to free oneself - Contradictory and difficult to reconcile impulses of
These days. »

“it seems to me now that I would have less to fear the ridicule of
tell you that I love beauty terribly and that it is from this love
dissatisfied that I die..."

These are the words of a man whose commitment to respecting his ideas
was total, a quest for the absolute, which I see very clearly in his
work. Succeeding in translating and transmitting its values ​​through form is the
proof of an incredible talent.