Portrait of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Photo of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, July 13, 1939 in New York
at Rockefeller Center, the day before the first crossing without
Atlantic stopover from New York to Biscarosse, by Guillaumet,
in command of Lieutenant Paris with Saint-Ex
on board.
Let's imagine that the gaze captured in this photo is that of
the man already inhabited by the character who will become his most
famous messenger, The Little Prince.


It's in New York, in 1943, and under the guise of a tale
illustrated for children, that Saint-Exupéry publishes his work
The Little Prince, this child without a first name who has nevertheless become
so familiar that, through his encounters and his questions,
delivers us deep, intense, universal messages.

And that is where all of Saint-Exupéry's talent lies: we
capture, seduce us, soften us, to be read and transmitted
across time, space, generations.
No other story in the world has accomplished such a feat!

This child has spoken to all of us and continues to do so, in the name of
all those who are not listened to.

The illustrations of the Little Prince, of great simplicity and
of great purity, seem to be the very essence of the remarks.
Through our posters, we want to share with you
all their power of wonder. The Little Prince Collection